Digital & Social Advertising Program

Digital & Social Advertising Program Overview

Search Engine Marketing, display, social, and video advertising are all ways to attract more quality shoppers to your website and thus resulting in more lead volume for your dealership. The BMW Motorrad Certified Advertising program is designed to provide BMW Motorrad dealers an overall turnkey program that has nationally coordinated campaigns, the ability to dominate your local market, and allows you to promote what makes your dealership unique.

When enrolling with your vendor of choice, consider the following:

  • Search Engine Marketing (also known as SEM or Paid Search) focuses on paid advertisements on search engines such as Google to promote traffic to your website. Value: SEM will help drive additional quality traffic to help increase lead volume for your dealership.
  • Display Advertising (also known as “banner ads”) are graphic ads that are shown at the websites and served to the consumer based on what is known about the consumer (i.e. past search history, their interests, previous websites browsed, etc.). Value: Display Ads target customers based on relevant search history that aligns with prospective customers and help create future demand with touch points for researching consumers.
  • Social Media Advertising (also known as Paid Social) are graphical and engaging ads that use images and video Facebook and Instagram. Value: Paid Social ads drive awareness and lead volume on platforms where users are spending the majority of their time online.
  • Video Advertising consists of paid YouTube video ads that play before, or in the middle of, targeted video content in-market customers are watching. Value: Video ads are meant to drive further awareness and long-term lead generation.
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