You sell adventure. We drive leads. DX1’s industry-leading mobile-centric website and lead management solution help simplify day-to-day tasks and processes allowing you to focus on your business, customers, leads, and closing deals. A DX1 custom-designed website revs up your dealership’s online brand with Google-preferred responsive design. Whether your customers are connecting to your website via desktop, tablet, or mobile device, the user experience is seamless. When it comes to speed, DX1 websites load quicker than the competition, delivering a better customer experience, higher page rank, and more sales.

DX1 stands apart with its custom websites and unique completely-integrated platform, consistently turning the Powersports industry on its head by streamlining tasks into a single one-stop business solution rather than multiple systems. Take advantage of the latest technology and lead generation to engage online customers, drive in-store traffic, and sell more. Demo today and see why more dealers are switching to DX1.

The Design and Build Process

Where other website providers build sites for multiple industries, DX1’s only focus is Powersports. We live it, breathe it, build it. DX1’s perspective on website design is that it should be a true reflection of you, your brand, and your Powersports dealership. Our web team focuses on the uniqueness of each and every dealer (no cookie-cutter templates). Our dealers are fully engaged and consulted throughout the design and build process. At DX1 we understand custom design expertise, supported by continuous product development of website features and retailing enhancements, engages more buyers, and closes more deals for you!

That design know-how is cemented with DX1’s mobile-centric websites, the fastest on average with thoughtful use of screen real estate to engage buyers from the get-go. Some web providers build templated sites. DX1 builds unique high-performance websites complete with a one-time review of SEO at the time of site go-live. Based on 60 day SEO follow-up website checks, on average, keyword ranking increases up to 31%.

Protecting your dealership is our number one priority. All DX1 websites come with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certification. DX1 provides this certificate FREE of charge where other website providers charge up to $250!

Virtual Dealership

DX1 has been “the first” when it comes to lead-generating website design. The first to build ONLY responsive sites; the first to automatically create SEO-friendly URL strings; the first to have every site on secure servers at no additional charge, and the first to provide a comprehensive personal SEO review with every site launch.

Every mobile-centric DX1 website comes with a suite of robust business, marketing, and analytics tools to help grow your Powersports business. Alongside the usual leads, marketing, and social modules, DX1’s innovative sales support tools include the industry’s only Major Unit Locator, letting you source those hard-to-find bikes from other dealers in the DX1 network, a virtual Sales Assistant to help you compare units feature-by-feature with exposure to current promotions and pricing incentives and DX1 offers the only true top-level analysis Leads Profitability report showing you lead sources, conversions, and profitability at the unit level and by salesperson.

Where Tech Meets Rec

You pay attention to the way you display units in your dealership showroom. You make sure to convey the feeling of adventure that helps customers visualize themselves riding cross country or rumbling over off-beaten paths. Your online showroom in your virtual dealership is no different. DX1 showrooms transcend the flat 2-D and get your customers as close to the real thing as possible. We do the heavy lifting for you by providing the best OEM model data in the Powersports industry: full details down to the model code, including all colors and model codes with full descriptions, specs, features, photos, colors, videos, and pricing across all Powersports manufacturers, automatically update your site when new models are released. Work less, sell more!

Stay On Target

Being able to “Get the Full Picture” is all about transparency. How is my website doing? How many visitors came to my site? How many customers are using a mobile device to view my products? What units are they looking at? We’ve got you covered.

DX1 uses Google Analytics to give you a wide or narrow view of the details depending on how much information you want. You will receive a monthly report via email, detailing web performance and trending metrics. In addition to website and marketing analytics provided by Google, DX1 has a stable of thoughtful, detailed business reports that examine everything from sales process and conversions to unit profitability to giving you a heads up if a unit is advertised below MAP. All reports are easy to schedule for email delivery, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Turn that Lead into a Deal

When it comes to closing leads, it should be as simple as possible. DX1’s lead management tools are streamlined and straightforward so you can follow your dealership’s “road-to-the-sale” for simple tracking of lead conversion and sales process. DX1 gives you the ability to configure lead assignment settings to ensure all leads are responded to and followed-up on. Even better, create autoresponders for all lead types so your buyers are engaged the second they show interest in a bike, PWC or UTV. DX1’s lead email address, unique to you, delivers all leads generated from other websites to the DX1 lead manager for consistent and constant responses and tracking.

Having all your leads in a single place means less work for you. No more compiling and reconciling reports from different systems to gauge conversions and close ratios. No more separate toolsets and workflows for your sales reps to manage. Everything you need to increase conversions and boost your sales lives in a single system.

Smart Pricing Tools

DX1’s exclusive Smart Pricing tools provide freedom and flexibility when marketing your units. With the hands-off scheduled sales price - set a sales price or special and an expiration date. Once the sale expires, the price will automatically change back to the original price of the unit. No more worrying about whether a consumer will see the wrong price because you didn't have time (or forgot) to reset the pricing after a major sales event.

DX1 also offers comprehensive pricing options that include the ability to set monthly payments with configurable rates and terms, create offers on the fly, hide prices, configure consumer pricing alerts, or Get Offer options. DX1 Smart Pricing tools are flexible and easy-to-use so pricing your units encourage sales and maximize profit.

Listing Management

Is your current inventory management more like pain management? When was the last time you listed all your inventory on your website? For that matter, how many sold units are still displaying on your website?

DX1 allows you to upload your inventory quickly to one central location while automatically posting it to your website. Once a unit sells, it is removed from your website real-time. No fuss, no muss, no need for manual intervention. As a DX1 dealer, you have access to all available OEM model data eliminating the need for manual data entry! DX1’s smarter inventory management eliminates labor-intensive processes, duplication of effort and the need to be in your office!

DX1’s Listing Inventory mobile app for both iOS and Android devices is the fastest and easiest way to manage photos and pricing for your major unit inventory. With the app, you can take photos of inventory and load them directly to specific models from your mobile device. This eliminates the extra step of transferring images from a camera or phone to a desktop computer and allows you the freedom to manage your business from anywhere.

Can’t Stop the Feeling

The sale doesn’t stop after your customer receives the keys to their dream machine - that’s when the transaction shifts into the next gear: accessorize. It’s when your buyer looks to outfit themselves and their new ride with the cool gear and add-ons that help them bust out of their 4-wall cubed existence and complete the transformation from corporate drone to rebel without a cause. DX1’s eCommerce solution lands you in the starring role of hero as you help your customers fulfill their dream.

DX1 loads thousands of Powersports OEM and distributor catalogs and works daily to keep that data up-to-date with the latest specs, prices, and photos so you can spend time fulfilling online orders from your eCommerce marketplace.

Get the Word Out

Do you advertise on Cycle Trader, Craigslist, Facebook, or eBay? DX1 makes it easy to send your new and used major units to your website as well as any other powersports marketing sites. You decide which units you want to send and where you want to send them. DX1 does the rest. The days of logging in to multiple websites to copy and paste are over. You’re in control of your destinations. And with your DX1 ADF email address, all leads from all distribution points flow into the DX1 Lead Manager.

OEM Promotions

Set it and Forget it – Have a hard time remembering to load new OEM promotions and take the old ones down when they expire? We get it. DX1 has a built-in feature that will manage the promotions on your site for you. As soon as new promotions are available from the manufacturer, they are available on your website - no work required by you. We also remove expired promotions so buyers will only see the current offers.

Managed SEO

Your website must continually be tweaked, adjusted, and updated to have a favorable ranking with Google. If your dealership is like most and doesn’t have a resident SEO guru, we’ve got your back with DX1’s Managed SEO services. You’ll get a team of dedicated SEO specialists with Powersports industry knowledge and experience who will provide ongoing optimization, updates, and adjustments to site content ensuring your website stays relevant, up-to-date, and in front of customers.

5-star Customer Support

Our hands-on and dedicated account management and support teams are the best in the Powersports industry with on average wait times under 60 seconds, 90% 1st contact resolution, and 9 out of 10 customers being extremely satisfied post-support contact. In addition to a dedicated Account Manager to help you make the most out of your investment, we offer multiple support options including phone, email, and live chat with US-based technicians! Your dealership will also have access to the DX1 Help Portal offering training and support resources 24/7, from any location. We have created instruction manuals, videos, and quick reference guides to help your employees learn how to use DX1 and refresh their memory as time goes on. Screenshots and step-by-step instructions make it easy for you and your employees to follow along and continue to stay up-to-date with the latest features DX1 has to offer.

At DX1, we know that having an industry-leading Website solution is only as good as the team behind it. Our staff is made up of Powersports enthusiasts as well as those who have worked in the industry.